Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Filming for my new DVD release.

Hi everyone, been a while since I updated this blog (again), I really must be more diligent when it comes to posting more regular entries.

As a special apology for everyone who reads/looks at this blog on a regular basis I am adding several stills from the filming of my new DVD, the first half of which took place a week or so ago. The second and final filming session will be on Sunday 29th May, and the DVD should be ready for general release soon after that, as long as it is passed as OK by the BBFC. I will give details of how to get hold of the DVD once it is finished.

If like the look of some of these stills, just wait til you see the film!!! 
Sophie Luvs being a Pornstar...XXXXXXXXXXXX

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Those pics of the slaves beaten arse I promised.

Not only did we beat the pathetic creature, we made him dress like a sissy for us at the end then beat him again. If you want to grovel at the feet of Mistress R'eal and I then get in touch you worthless piece of shit.

Sophie Luvs being harsh with her slaves. Call me on 07970 795056....XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Monday, 9 May 2011

What a great night out in Leeds we had!!!

If you get the chance to go to LFF in Leeds then don't miss it. Great night out for Tgirls and admirers around Leeds.

 Mel and I having a ball outside Blayds bar
 Me relaxing in the Loft
 Mel and Sophie
 Some lovely guys we met 
Not my best look....

We had a great night 6th May 2011, and we will definitely be going again soon.

See you there maybe xxxxxx